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Application Testing

Improve application performance via stringent software testing

On average, between 25 and 50 percent of an application’s lifecycle is spent on testing its functionality and performance. Costly and time consuming, this testing process can affect your ability to bring solutions to market. However, skimping on the testing procedure is out of the question. 

OSF application testing services can help improve the performance, functionality and security of your applications. With these services, you can:

  • Eliminate the costs associated with software licenses and training of your employees
  • Standardize your software quality assurance processes
  • Make better use of your limited development resources
  • Ensure your applications meet stringent regulatory and security requirements

Our certified engineers perform a range of rigorous software testing services following well-defined QA practices. Those services include:

  • User Acceptance Testing – Confirms that a system meets expectations by allowing users to perform a series of formal tests
  • Functional Testing – Helps identify and report on issues that affect the way an application performs against requirements
  • Systems and Integration Testing – Ensures that systems and applications are reliable and work together
  • Web Services Testing – Run functional testing to ensure any Web services runs properly
  • Software Verification and Validation – Measures the quality and reliability of a software system by determining if it meets the specifications set for it
  • Performance Testing – Uncovers and tracks any defects that are found in an application by running a series of tests
  • GUI Test Automation – Executes automated tests that measure specific user interface activities, like keystrokes, to determine if the activities work as they should
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Testing – Identifies what effect a service interruption may have on a software system and how quickly an organization can recover from that interruption

To speak with an application testing specialist, contact us directly.