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Business Process Consulting

Gain the greatest business value from outsourcing

Outsourcing your business processes can significantly reduce costs and improve your business performance. But without a clearly defined plan that aligns with your strategic goals, outsourcing the central nervous system of your company can prove costly and disruptive.

We provide a spectrum of business process consulting (BPC) services that help you create the framework and the priorities for improving your operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our business process consulting services enable you to:

  • Reduce the time, money and resources spent by formulating a comprehensive strategy and plan
  • Gain access to proven business management consulting tools and the latest innovations in business development consulting
  • Optimize current and future technology investments to improve business performance

Through our business process consultancy, you can gain the greatest business value and return on your investment while reducing the risks of outsourcing. Our BPC services consist of:

  • Business process improvements – we ensure process flows are up to date and can scale to match the growth of your business and gain control of strategic functions.
  • Enterprise application selection – after analyzing your infrastructure and business requirements, we make solution recommendations and create an implementation road map to fit your business agenda. We also manage the implementation of your solution, integrate your end-to-end business applications and audit the status and efficacy of your existing enterprise systems.  
  • Outsourcing recommendations – from total cost of outsourcing to vendor selection to risk assessment, we have expertise in evaluating outsourcing opportunities, as well as the expected returns and pitfalls of the outsourcing process.
  • Establishment of offshore strategy – we help you design your offshore strategy taking into account cultural compatibility, infrastructure, skills and expertise, maturity of the delivery model, overall outsourcing costs and data/IP protection.

To speak with a business process consulting specialist, contact us directly.