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Service Management Consulting

Enhance the quality of your IT services

Doing more with less is part of today’s business environment. That means finding better ways to provide more support services faster, more cost effectively, and doing it in a way that doesn’t lower service quality.

You can reach these goals by simplifying service management adoption across your organization – and we can help with customized consulting based on industry best practices.  We work with you to understand your business needs, rationalize your business processes, and determine the right mix of services that will lead to improved service quality and reduced costs.

Our IT service management consulting services help you gain the most value from your investments, including:

  • Aligning your IT service levels with your business objectives
  • Lowering the costs and enhancing the quality of services delivered
  • Reducing the amount of downtime caused by IT problems
  • Improving operational efficiency through standardized processes
  • Improving customer satisfaction

And since we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, you can rest easy knowing that we adhere to industry standards that ensure our processes deliver the quality you demand.

These strategic consulting services focus on:

  • Operational support and maintenance – We determine the appropriate support levels required for the recommended implementations.
  • Assessments and analysis – Organizational assessments measure the effectiveness of your processes and procedures.  And they examine the functional areas that would benefit from process reengineering to reduce the risk of service disruptions. A services cost analysis can also predict the cost of those services.
  • Service improvements – Working together, we identify your business objectives and match them with actionable improvements to eliminate bottlenecks and improve service quality. We also link your business metrics and objectives to those services.
  • Best practices and metrics setting – We provide benchmarks that help you standardize and automate best practices for managing your new environment and establish service targets for internal and external providers.

To speak with a service management consulting specialist, contact us directly.