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Technology Integration Services

Right mix of technology and processes to improve business performance

From pre-packed software to custom developed capabilities to emerging technologies, your business environment includes a heterogeneous collection of applications and business processes that evolves over time. As a result, these technologies and processes can become less compatible, which impedes business efficiency.

Our technology integration services help streamline your business processes and integrate your heterogeneous collection of front-, mid- and back office applications. This ensures that your business runs smoothly and supports new requirements while reducing costs and driving efficiencies.

As your technology integration services partner, we take the best of what you’ve got and make it work better. We can help you:

  • Align your business and technology goals
  • Reduce data entry errors and achieve business results faster and at lower cost
  • Integrate workflows to simplify, streamline and automate business process
  • Provide guidance on the adoption of next generation applications
  • Design a flexible technology architecture that supports today’s and tomorrow’s need

Our end-to-end integration services help you accelerate growth through the flexible and cost-effective use of technology:

  • Ecommerce Integration Services – Build a seamlessly integrated ecommerce environment to create a user-friendly and memorable shopping experience.
  • Call Center Integration – Improve customer retention and build loyalty by deploying solutions that align your daily operations management with your business priorities.
  • CRM Integration and Implementation – Increase the lifetime value of your customers by allowing us to install, customize and integrate a complex CRM solution into your business environment.
  • Cloud Computing Implementation – Reduce the risks of adopting a cloud-based strategy by understanding which applications should shift to the cloud and when.
  • Enterprise Application Integration – Modernize your application landscape to improve collaboration across your organization and better support your business-critical operations.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Increase the effectiveness of your departments by streamlining your business processes by deploying flexible, end-to-end ERP solutions.
  • HR Application Development and Integration – Enhance employee morale by delivering a B2E or e-HR solution that leverages a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

To learn how we can help your business run more smoothly and work more efficiently, contact us directly.