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How to Avoid Multi-channel Conflict

Embrace showrooming! Find out how to make “showrooming” a growth area for both your online and retail stores by augmenting in-store shopping with mobile coupons. Then contact OSF to discuss how merge your ecommerce platform with your back office infrastructure to drive revenue growth in this digital age.

Download the "How to Avoid Multi-channel Conflict" presentation [PDF file]

Ecommerce Integration: Tips to try and traps to avoid for a successful integration journey

Without a doubt, ecommerce integration can be complex. Perhaps your e-business was built with a myriad of legacy and point product solutions. And now your customers are increasingly reaching for smartphones and tablets to make their online purchases. To remain competitive you need a robust, fully integrated ecommerce presence. View this scripted presentation to learn how to avoid common issues and costly mistakes, and move confidently in the right direction.

Download the "Ecommerce Integration: Tips to try and traps to avoid for a successful integration journey" presentation [PDF file]

OSF Global Services: Delivering SLA-grade professional services worldwide

Since our inception in 2003, OSF has positioned itself as bold, innovative, forward thinking problem solvers committed to consistently exceeding clients’ expectations and to long-term client relationships. We are dedicated to delivering value-driven applications that make businesses more profitable and productive – which explains why over 90 percent of our application development business is from repeat clients and referrals. This presentation is an overview of our expertise.

Download the "OSF Global Services: Delivering SLA-grade professional services worldwide" presentation [PDF file]

Role of CRM in Integrated Service Management

The role of CRM can be more than just a tool for sales automation or customer support. CRM can automate your business processes and integrate all client-facing departments, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. This voice-over presentation looks at the integrated view, and some steps to take towards a successful integration.

Download the "Role of CRM in Integrated Service Management" presentation [MS Power Point file]

16 Tips for Building an Engaging Ecommerce Experience

Your company is ready to make the move and launch your ecommerce website. Or maybe you are well established online. So now it’s time to make the move to new technologies and launch a re-platforming project. Whatever the case, building (or rebuilding) your ecommerce site can be a daunting task – one where many stakeholders across your all departments have a vested interest in its success. Here are some insights into what to plan for and when.

Download the "Engaging Ecommerce Experience" presentation [PDF file]

Is it Time to Re-platform your Ecommerce Website?

Technological advances and social networking continue to transform the online shopping experience. Meanwhile shoppers’ expectations are set by the best-of-breed ecommerce sites they frequently visit. Depending on your business, it might be time to re-platform your ecommerce website. The following insights, tips and guidelines can help you make the right choices along your journey to provide a better online retail experience for your customer and optimal results for your business.

Download the "Re-platform Ecommerce Website" presentation [PDF file]

The market is filled with CRM Service Providers...

If you’ve concluded that Customer Relationship Management is a strategic priority for your business, you’ve no doubt started to evaluate CRM solutions and service providers. So with hundreds of CRM service providers vying for your attention, why should you select OSF Global Services as your partner? In this presentation, we share with you our approach to CRM implementation and integration, and the business value we bring to small and medium businesses.

Download the "The market is filled with CRM Service Providers..." presentation [PDF file]

Survey says: CRM Adoption Strong Among SMBs. Cost & Complexity Challenges Remain

A combination of name brands, lesser known brands and homegrown CRM solutions are in use at 74% of the 200 SMBs who participated in a May 2011 web-based survey conducted by ITIC. And 52% said their companies use at least half of the CRM’s functionality. However cost, complexity, ease of use, and ease of manageability challenges remain, according to survey participants.

Download the "CRM Survey Results" presentation [PDF file]