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Development process

Create applications using an iterative approach to project management and software development

To compete in today’s challenging economic environment you must quickly adapt your applications to respond to changes in the market. To help our customers achieve this goal, all software development projects run by OSF Global Services are based on the evolutionary delivery development methodology, or Evo.

Evo is a lifecycle model that allows software to be developed and released in small, incremental steps with user requirements continually reassessed at each milestone. Evo is part of the Agile group of software development methodologies which are based on iterative and incremental development.  We also adhere to strict ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure that quality is built into every step of the process. This time-tested approach streamlines the application development process, reduces costs and ensures we deliver the best value to our clients.

Key steps in our application development process include:

  • Assessment and analysis

    Before beginning any development work, our consultants thoroughly review your business requirements, workflows and business processes to determine the right solution for your needs, including whether an off-the-shelf application is available or if a custom-built application is required. We also determine the platform on which your application should be built and the delivery method that should be used, such as a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. And we assess if any of your current applications or workflows may be affected by the introduction of a new application as well as any integration points within your current environment.

  • Design and development

    Our experts create a customized plan for developing an application that supports your unique business needs. This includes creating the technology architecture and user interfaces to support your new application. Then, using our iterative development process, we create an application prototype that we test against your business requirements before delivering a completed application.

  • Implementation and integration

    Our service personnel deliver end-to-end implementation services that ensure your new application is deployed properly into your current environment and integrates seamlessly with your other critical business applications. We communicate any areas of concern that we encounter and work with your staff to correct potential defects before full deployment takes place.

  • Testing

    Our specialists perform a series of audits and tests, including unit, integration, system, acceptance, regression and installation testing to ensure the quality of your application. These tests, which start at the earliest stages of application development and run through full deployment, enable us to deliver a solution that meets your expectations, from reliability to functionality, scalability and security.

  • Ongoing maintenance and support

    Once your solution is implemented, our specialists deliver ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your application is running properly at all times. We also provide real-time monitoring in order to detect any issues that might affect the functionality of your application – and work with you to address those issues before they impact your business.

To learn more about our development methodologies, contact us directly.