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Cloud & SaaS Integration Services

Reduce the time and costs of implementation

Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are ubiquitous with reducing the time and costs associated with deploying and maintaining applications. Both are affordable, Agile alternatives to running and maintaining your own applications. But to gain the most from these models, you must ensure that the applications are seamlessly integrated into your operations.

That’s where we come in. OSF Global Services:

  • Develops, implements and integrates SaaS architected applications
  • Delivers painless integration to help you deploy these applications onto major cloud platforms, including Amazon, Salesforce.com, Windows Azure, Rackspace and NaviCloud
  • Ensures the applications seamlessly connect with your other business-critical software, including finance, CRM and ERP systems

Applying best practices, OSF developers reduce the time and effort required to implement your solution while maintaining the highest levels of quality. We will help you:

  • Create an architectural roadmap for your technology adoption of the cloud – whether it’s a single application or multiple applications across your business
  • Deliver an application architecture that allows for easy implementation of future enhancements
  • Automate and simplify your business processes
  • Increase productivity by enabling personnel to access data across multiple applications
  • Implement a secure solution that allows you to meet compliance and regulatory requirements

OSF Global Services handles it all for you: application analysis, development, customization, testing, staging, migration and integration.

  • Application analysis – We assess your core business activities and identify the platforms and tools that might be used to support your move to a cloud or SaaS model. We also determine the integration points between your applications and outline any potential risks that could occur during the migration to this new model.
  • Development and customization – Using an Agile development methodology, as well as our experience working with software development languages and application programming interfaces, we develop a customized strategy that will allow you to get your hosted applications up and running quickly and cost effectively.
  • Testing and staging – Our certified engineers stage the application and perform a range of testing services to ensure that it meets established quality assurance requirements.
  • Migration and integration – Our service personnel ensure that your hosted applications are integrated with your other core on-site business applications.

Contact us directly for a complimentary assessment of your subscription-based application integration needs.