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Ecommerce Integration

Synchronized data speeds order response, improves profitability

Split second access to your back-end operations can mean the difference between ecommerce success and the failure of your online store. For instance real-time access to inventory, order information and shipment tracking data can offer a personalized shopping experience for your customers and enhance your ecommerce effectiveness by automatically adjusting inventory.

But ecommerce and back-end integration is a complex network of systems, applications, middleware and databases. It requires detailed workflow analysis and customization to support upgrades or platform changes, integrate new partners and add new purchasing channels.  

That’s why ecommerce businesses turn to OSF Global Services. We combine feature rich ecommerce knowledge with in-depth expertise in application programming interfaces (APIs) and XML, the extensible markup language used to facilitate ecommerce integration. By integrating your online storefront with CRM, ERP, accounting, inventory management, POS, supply chain and call center systems, we ensure you:

  • Optimize order fulfillment, transforming sales transactions into seamless, engaging experiences
  • Automate workflow, avoiding duplication of effort, increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Streamline business processes, enhancing your competitiveness and ultimate profitability
  • Easily add new technologies and sales channels, such as mobile and tablet commerce

Count on OSF Global Services to transform your back-end applications into an ecommerce ecosystem that helps you increase customer satisfaction, reduce abandon rates and boost revenue. Because integrating key business applications with your online store can streamline the entire order lifecycle, automatically adjust inventory and decrease costs. Through the real-time exchange of secure, synchronized data, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of site visitors and engage them with personalized service and relevant offerings
  • Forward transaction details for processing, fulfillment, shipping and invoicing
  • Synchronize online and offline inventory
  • Process payments and, when needed, restocking

To speak with our ecommerce integration specialists, contact us directly.