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Enterprise Application Integration

Eliminate waste, reduce costs, increase productivity

As your business grows, so do the applications that support your various departments. Perhaps they are written in different languages or running on different platforms or accessed in different ways, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This can be costly to manage, hinders collaboration across your organizations, and leads to islands of information. 

OSF can eliminate these problems by deploying an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution. EAI synchronizes data from multiple platforms and provides your employees with the data they need without having to access multiple applications.  This eliminates waste, reduces costs and increases productivity via increased information sharing. It also permits any department to easily create its own customized report without involving the IT staff.  And having a central access point to all data allows managers to make quick decisions.

Our EAI experts help you modernize your application landscape to better support your business-critical operations. As a result you can:

  • Reduce costs by extending the life of key legacy applications and standardizing on others
  • Easily create consistent reports accessible to employees across different departments
  • Build stronger customer and supply chain relationships
  • Lower time to market by improving your internal business processes
  • Support mergers, acquisitions and de-mergers more effectively

We combine state-of-the-art tools and best practice methodologies with our high-end EAI consulting services to help you successfully integrate all your business applications. Our EAI services include:

  • Product evaluation and recommendations – our consultants work with you to understand your business needs and then define the EAI applications and tools that address those needs.
  • Risk analysis – assessments and analysis help you better understand the costs and risks associated with your current environment and the benefits of application reengineering.
  • Architecture, design, build and test – using our experience and expertise, we develop and deploy solutions that meet the highest standards and adhere to strict regulatory requirements.
  • EAI implementation – we help modernize your enterprise application environment by offering end-to-end implementation services.
  • Ongoing implementation support – you can reduce costs and the amount of time spent maintaining your application environment by taking advantage of our maintenance and support services.

If you have two or more business applications that should be exchanging data with each other, you probably need enterprise application integration. To speak with an EAI specialist, contact us directly.