Collaboration is at the heart of everything Agilewords does. As a leading provider of document collaboration tools, Agilewords understands the importance of teamwork to getting a job done on time and on budget. So it’s not surprising that when they went looking for an IT provider to help them develop a stable, secure and scalable cloud-based solution, they chose to partner with OSF Global Services. Agilewords offers a web-based document review application that allows team members to share, review and approve Microsoft Word documents via any Internet browser. Through this online tool, team members can easily edit business documents, track changes, maintain an audit trail, approve or reject reviews and collate questions and comments. Most importantly, they can do all this without incurring the costs and time associated with a traditional review process that includes passing documents back and forth or sharing comments via emails.

Choosing the right IT provider

As a small business, Agilewords knew it had to create a scalable, affordable solution that would allow it to compete with other vendors. It also knew it needed an experienced partner to help make that happen. "It's very difficult to find good IT providers that can commit to projects and deliver on those commitments in a cost-effective and efficient manner," stated Fabrice Talbot, co-founder and CEO of Agilewords. "We tried several different partners, but encountered problems, including the skill levels of personnel, communications, and the ability to meet deadlines. After getting a recommendation from someone who had worked with OSF, we decided to ask them to complete a trial project. We knew right away that OSF was who we wanted to work with."

Building a cloud solution

To create the web-based solution, OSF Global Services consultants worked closely with Agilewords personnel to understand their business requirements and develop a cloud-based strategy. Since security was a key priority for Agilewords, the OSF Global Services consultants recommended Rackspace to host the application. The hosting solution ensures that all user documents are securely handled, that appropriate access controls are assigned to users and that all documents are backed up to ensure that no data is lost. Using an Agile development process, OSF Global Services specialists were able to quickly create, test, and push the web-based application live in a matter of a few months. In addition, when Agilewords discovered that users did not know how to set up reviews for their documents, OSF Global Services consultants developed a document review process in under a month. And the company continues to deliver development resources to Agilewords, as well as ongoing support for its application.

Meeting the needs of users

Today the Agilewords solution supports thousands of users around the world. The solution is helping these users improve productivity and significantly reduce the amount of time they expend on the document review process – in some instances cutting review cycles from weeks to days. As important, the tool is helping teams reduce the chance that errors might creep into the review process. “I think for any project, there are key attributes that an IT provider must have – and OSF delivered on all of them,” stated Talbot. “First, when you work with an IT provider you want to be confident that they can deliver on their commitments, and OSF was able to do that. Second, in the development process changes can happen at a moment’s notice, and OSF was able to adjust to any changes we threw at them. And finally, whether it was a new release or a redesign of the user interface, OSF had the expertise to complete the job.”

Expanding capabilities

As both its business – and the demands of its user base – grows, Agilewords continues to partner with OSF to expand the capabilities of its application. For example, Agilewords worked with OSF Global Services again to redesign its application to support iPhone technology. For Talbot, the ability to quickly create a high-quality application in such a short time is testament to the talent and work ethic of the OSF team. “What’s great about OSF is that when you choose to develop new applications in the cloud or on different platforms, you don’t have to hire new people with new skills,” he concluded. “OSF has a large talented group of people with the experience and expertise to take on any new challenges.”


Rackspace, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Visual Basic .NET, Objective-C, Microsoft Word, Javascript, Adobe Flash

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Our revolutionary payment platform requires a highly skilled and diverse development team. OSF Global Services provides us with an exemplary team of developers and consultants that seamlessly extend our own resources. The OSF team has proven to be the perfect choice for strengthening our development resources.

Michael Weaver / Chief Technology Officer at TableSafe, Inc.