OSF Global Services strongly believes that as a leader in the IT services industry we can, and must, use our inventiveness to create a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

In order to do this, we allow ourselves to be guided by enthusiasm, passion, and determination. These values create the canvas for accomplishing our mission: to work and live responsibly, with care for our environment and the community. Our first priority is to leave a positive mark through our activity, whether it’s about IT, education or social projects. Besides contributing ourselves, we encourage everyone to get involved, from employees to external collaborators and society as a whole. OSF Global Services is actively involved in philanthropic, cultural and educational activities meant to help people with building a better life. Being a company with many young people, we understand the particular needs of youngsters and actively contribute to their continuous education and development. Whether children, students or young professionals, everyone can use a helping hand in order to achieve greater things and achieve a happy and successful life. The OSF Global Services team is ready and willing to offer all of our support according to our values: work ethics, reliability, enthusiasm and passion for technology and for life.

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Message from the CEO

We started this project because it’s in our company’s nature to be problem solvers. We identify a need and then respond accordingly. However, before anything else we are a human organization - from top to bottom. We need to make the world a better place. We act directly from our hearts, being proud to contribute to a better future for the communities in which we operate around the world.

Gerard Szatvanyi
/ President & CEO, OSF Global Services

OSF’s Corporate Responsibility ACTIVITIES

Over the past few years, OSF Global Services sponsored and supported a large number of charitable activities for less fortunate children and families in need.

Youth Camps

We believe in the educational value of participating in summer camps. Every child has the right to a happy childhood, to socialize and play in safe and healthy environment.


Throughout the year, OSF Global Services, with the help of the entire team, makes donations of school supplies, books and clothing to children with limited financial resources.

Special Occasions

In many of the countries where we operate, holidays are seen as a time of joy and well-being. We are passionate about helping children and families in need to fully enjoy these holidays.

Courses & Workshops

Early education can make a difference in a child’s development. We organize workshops and courses with different themes: theater, traffic education, painting and ecology to name a few.