The Client

Radius was formed when two international business software and services companies—Nair & Co. and High Street Partners—came together in April 2014. Creating the ‘best of breed’ in this industry, the two companies have a long history of providing solutions to solve overseas expansion and operations challenges, making them the provider of choice in this marketplace.The company offers clients a strong platform for growth with significant resources across software, managed services and advisory services covering Finance, Banking, Tax, Compliance, Human Resources, and Legal issues clients face when doing international business. Collectively, these assets are exceptionally powerful and make Radius a unique one-stop-shop for overseas operations.

Building a Solution to Solve Challenges

As the two businesses integrated their operations and internal processes, they determined it to be an ideal time to address the issues many of their clients face – scalability and workflow automation. One area of particular importance was billing and customer record management. With Salesforce deployed as their CRM platform and Intacct serving as their financial management software, Radius found they were spending too much time manually uploading documents and records between these two systems and their own applications. This process made scaling their operations difficult—as more clients are added to the system, more administrative resources are needed to keep the records moving through their applications. Wanting to squeeze the most out of their Salesforce investment, Radius turned to OSF with the goal of creating a seamless workflow for sales, billing and records management. Seven resources from OSF—5 developers and 2 QA leads—collaborated with the Radius team to spec requirements, design the integrations and customizations required, and seamlessly implement the solution into the Radius ecosystem with minimal disruption to operations. The integrated solution delivered by OSF bridges the Radius application with Salesforce and Intacct, enabling records to automatically move through the applications as certain milestones reached. For example, when a salesperson closes a new deal in Salesforce, an automatic trigger synchronizes the billing information with Intacct, and adds the customer record into the Radius application with no manual input required. This new workflow instantly gives all involved resources—Sales, Accounts Receivable, Operations, etc.—the information they need without waiting for someone to manually upload it into their system.

The Results

By integrating two successful businesses—Nair & Co. and High Street Partners—Radius was setting their sights on significant growth opportunities. With OSF as their development partner, they are now set-up for efficient growth. "The integrations and customization OSF performed for us has been vital to our growth plans," stated Peter Troost, Chief Technology Officer at Radius. "We are now able to add new clients to our system without scaling administrative resources. The system facilitates efficiency and growth which is exactly what we set out to achieve."


Salesforce, Intacct

Application Type

CRM, Custom Application Development

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Everything that we’ve been developing in the last 9 months has had a very strong purpose and has made our product significantly stronger. And everything we continue to develop will have a very strong impact on the success of our company. We owe a large part of our success to all of you. You are the unsung heroes that allow us to do what we do. Without this team, our product wouldn’t be what it is today. I know that it is sometimes hard to see what you’ve accomplished when you’re buried in the code, but from my angle, everyone on the team has accomplished a lot. I’m very proud to be working with all of you, and look forward to what we can do in 2015.

Mike Guardalabene / Product Manager, Convey Services