Our client, a provider of remote service and support to consumers, needed a coherent solution to help it meet the increasing demands of a fast growing business, while making the best possible use of its competitive edge through technology. Our job was to come up with a business automation and optimization solution that would keep the clients of PlumChoice happy, and help the company increase efficiency. “OSF Global Services has been providing application support and a managed hosted environment for us for more than five years. Development support has been driven by them from start to finish, and their support is critical to our success. Our hosted environment has been extremely reliable and has been improved to meet our company's fast growth.” – Ted Werth, PlumChoice

The Client

PlumChoice is a leader of remote service and support to consumers, home office users and small businesses. PlumChoice's skilled team of 100% U.S.-based, industrycertified agents is available 24/7/365 to provide online support for all technology - including PCs, Macs, Smartphone devices, netbooks, MP3 players, network devices, printers and digital cameras - and the associated integration challenges faced by end users.

The Idea

Remote technical support services are gaining in popularity over time-consuming trips to repair shops or costly in-home repairs. PlumChoice offers remote services into user's own computer while the user is connected by phone or chat to a technician to manage their computer issues and remotely solve any problems. Their teams can manage over 370 software applications and any accessories attached to the computer.

The Challenge

Our client needed to effectively scale their business to meet their demands and their growth objectives, while leveraging technology as a competitive advantage. The client needed a business automation and optimization solution with complex business logic, flexible management, and the ability for continuous scaling at a moment's notice.

The Solution

The integrated CRM/ERP solution developed by our team manages virtual connection between the agents, technicians and their customers. Further, the application allows for the successful integration with PlumChoice's billing application, credit card processing, and back-end systems. The flexible architecture allows for future integrations as the client's business model adapts to future needs. The application also manages the integration with PlumChoice’s business partners allowing them to process a high number of transactions and in the same time providing an uptime of more than 99.5%. Our managed team of developers and testers ensures permanent contact with the customer, followthe-sun support to any customer situation that requires intervention, and on time communication while delivering at the highest standards required. Different user access levels, the complexity of the interface and the impressive number of over 100 tables in the database are only some of the constant assessments of the maturity of our delivery model. Since 2005 our dedicated team managed the application's development by seamlessly migrating through 2 generations of code.


.NET 1.1, SQL Server 2000, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5, HTML, Java Script, Visual Studio, NetSuite, SVN, JIRA, Crystal Reports.

The Results

OSF Global Services' partnership with the client has also contributed to the current successes of PlumChoice. Rapid, quality-controlled deployment, adherence to deadlines and project timetables, and a solid communication platform has powered the trust of our business relationship. Winning numerous customers, and attracting attention from large organizations who want to augment/replace aspects of their support services, is a clear statement to the success of our customer, and a competitive edge that we have contributed and committed to for long-term growth.


Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, Java Script, Visual Studio, NetSuite, SVN, Crystal Reports

Application Type

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Call Center & Service Management

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The whole team, including my contact Anna, were efficient, cost effective, and a pleasure to work with. The OSF team helped us with custom pipelines and reports and even took us through the steps of how to access and pull the information ourselves. We will use them again for any upcoming customization projects as we were grateful for their insights and help. Book with them, you won't regret it!

LeeAnn Mutchler / European Business Development Director, Evisors Inc.