Rock the OSF-UPIT Hackathon

OSF Global Services&USV

Are you up for the challenge?

To register for the hackathon, all you have to do is create a team, choose a great name for it, and have your team leader fill in the registration form below by March 12.

How will the Hackathon work?

You will be coding along with your dream team for five days starting on March 15 at 10:00 AM when information on the challenge will be revealed. Each team will be given tokens that are redeemable for expert advice from our technical advisors at the OSF Global office in Pitesti.

Our esteemed jury will complete a preliminary assessment on March 19 to validate the workflow and methods that the teams have used.

How to be sure you are a good fit for the competition?

This contest is for students from the Department of Mathematics - Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Physical Education and Informatics willing to demonstrate their creativity and technical skills working with the most innovative, new technologies.

Teams & Roles

»   Number of participants: three to five.

»   The team leader will register all group members by completing the registration form.

»   Be sure to create a catchy name for your team.

| NOTE:  In order to run this competition, it is necessary for us to have at least five teams registered. Tell all your friends!

The Challenge

This will be announced on March 15, the official start date of the competition. It will consist of a technical project that your team will develop using your preferred technologies.

Suggestions for Front-end Development:

»   The UI/UX should be user-friendly and intuitive.

»   Any responsive front-end framework is allowed: Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.

»   WebGL, Canvas, and JS animation libraries such as snap.svg are also nice to have technologies.

Suggestions for Back-end Development:

»   Select your favorite back-end language, such as NodeJS, PHP, Python, JAVA, .NET etc.

Your deliverables

We will use Git for source code management, so jury members can review both your work in progress as well as the final version before the public presentation.

At the end of the hackathon, each team will present their completed project to the jury including:

»   The complete functionality of the application;

»   A walk-through of the code with its structure, OOP, details on any challenges that were encountered along the way, any recommended improvements, and anything else they wish to explore;