By September 2013, customer-driven sporting goods retailer OpenYard had seen unprecedented growth within their industry. Established upon an ecommerce platform founded on in-house solutions, the company’s success was the result of founder Justin Pfister’s tenacity for applying his IT competence and bootstrapping the company’s ecommerce solution himself. During their 10-year relationship, partners OSF Global Services and eSkill have completed dozens of successful projects, the results of a tightknit collaborative environment honed through a generous sharing of ideas and proactive friendships. “OSF does much more than just testing for eSkill,” said Sue Battle, eSkill’s Head of Sales. “They are a very intricate part of what makes eSkill work.” OSF’s support has earned them their status as a certified partner of eSkill, tightening the bond between these two companies as they revolutionize the skills testing industry among companies in the IT, Retail, Call Centers, Sales, Marketing and Healthcare industries, among others.

Grounded in Java

For years, eSkill’s Java-based testing solution was agreeable because Java was effective—it was a widely used technology in the business. ““We built something that was Java-based and it worked for two-to-three years quite well,” said Cornelia Dragomirescu, Project Manager and Business Analyst at OSF. “But in time, people were getting increasingly frustrated with the need to install new Java plug-ins.” In 2014, Java began updating their plug-ins on a regular basis without notice, says Battle. This made it very difficult for anyone to use simulations with the Java product, because a new update would force users to delete all the cache and update the version. ““It really made it difficult in the last year-and-a-half to keep customers happy, test takers happy,” said Battle.Now, in partnership with OSF, eSkill set out to reevaluate their position and search for newer technologies to enhance their testing services.

New Standard for Testing

The OSF team started research with a senior Java developer who analyzed all possible technical solutions beyond Java before moving on to explorative testing. When it was decided that HTML5 was the best-suited technology, the team underwent development of a groundbreaking virtual testing environment with no additional plug-ins or downloads required. The new solution allows users to customize tests through the eSkill interface in real time and offers simulations that realistically allow for multiple ways to answer correctly. “We found nothing similar in the marketplace,” said Dragomirescu. “It was really a brand new idea.”

An Outlook of Success

The HTML5 solution reigns in another success for the long-standing collaborators, providing a sense of certainty about their future projects. “I can’t speak highly enough about working with OSF,” said Battle. “I get up early everyday so I can work with them before the rest of the eSkill team comes in.” Since launching the solution, eSkill notes their larger packages have attracted increasingly larger companies, as well as more RFPs being delivered to the company on a personal basis. Battle predicts eSkill will double its sales by next year. “I don’t know what the next simulation is on the roadmap, but there are going to be more to come,” said Battle. “We’re confident we have a lot of developments to look forward to in the future.”



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The expertise of the OSF personnel immediately paid off for us, and we realized very quickly that OSF was the right partner for a start-up like ours. By creating an integrated team of Mambu personnel and OSF developers, we have been able to quickly bring a solution to market that addresses the needs of our clients in a cost-effective way. The flexibility of the OSF team and our ability to tap into a network of developers with a wide range of skills has allowed us to expand our vision and meet the goals of our company.

Frederik Pfisterer / Co-founder and Managing Director of Mambu