Smarter Devices

Improve products and services with internet connectivity


Fewer Costs

Reduce spending on maintenance and customer support


Improved Usability

Increase product reliability and security

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes systems of physical technology that use internet connectivity to connect with other enabled devices and systems. The result is a network of home and business devices responsive to personal, automatic or remote commands. OSF Global Services provides cloud integration services to leading IoT companies, improving the entire IoT ecosystem, which includes administrative applications, consoles, mobile applications and CRM.

Grow your IoT offerings to meet an unprecedented rate of customer demand:

Systems Connectivity

Integrate and synchronize interactive cloud solutions

Predictive Technology

Help customers prevent potential problems

Ongoing Improvement

Improve internal processes and provide proactive services

Enhanced Features

Benefit from communities, live tracking and reporting expertise

Active Analysis

Monitor trends and improve the customer experience

Real-Time Support

Provide reliable support to users as needed

OSF Global Services partners with IoT companies that create revolutionary connected devices, and transform traditional electronics into IoT connected devices. OSF Global Services’ breakthrough IoT integrations have helped these companies prevent problems, launch cloud-based applications and provide real-time support to customers.

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It has been a pleasure to work with the OSF team and I would definitely recommend and use them for future Salesforce projects.The reason we selected OSF to build our Salesforce integrated Customer Portal was because of their attention to detail, and the level of detail in the proposal we received in response to our RFP. The SOW proposal was very detailed and gave us a full picture of what was required to do the work, the resources needed, the level of our involvement, and a detailed overview of the timeline.The work was executed as planned, completed on schedule, and the end product is what we specced, plus improvements. We are completely happy with the portal. It will definitely be a value added component for our customer facing support interactions.

Wenden Baldwin / Customer Support Head of Oblong industries, Inc