Marketing Researcher

department / Marketing

location / Brazil, Canada

posted / December 21, 2018

Full time

OSF Global Services


  • »   Align critical marketing needs with the selected:

    •   a)  research methodology,
    •   b)  desired samples of data & information to be obtained, and
    •   c)  analysis requests, in order to obtain the maximum output.

    »   Execute market research projects based on given directions (specific industries / business verticals or specific technologies or any given key indicators), using different research methodologies and/or in different locations / territories of interest

    »   Conduct detailed market research, business analytics, technological analytics based on received assignments and summarize the results in order to present all findings to direct manager and/or to cross-functional business development teams

    »   Contribute to business development efforts by conducting research related activities on both existing customers & prospects, as well as on new potential customers

    »  Inquiry, extract and integrate data & information from multiple sources in order to:

    •   a)  provide marketing and/or sales related answers to raised questions,
    •   b)  draw meaningful conclusions on specific topics or particular key indicators, and
    •   c)  highlight market trends to Marketing Department members.

    »   Offer support to direct manager and/or Marketing Department members on the following topics / aspects:

    •   a)  development of marketing plans, lists, etc.
    •   b)  development of marketing campaigns, events, etc.
    •   c)  formulation of market research strategy, and
    •   d)  formulation of company marketing strategy.

    »   Contribute to CRM operations by introducing, operating and maintaining records on Companies, Brands, Groups / Holdings, People, Contacts, Partners, Competitors, etc.

    »   Organize, generate and publish reports, based on marketing and/or sales needs, in order to provide support to Marketing & Sales Department members

    »   Maintain knowledge & know-how by browsing daily industry news, market research and emerging trends from Company’s Partners, Competitors, etc. and/or attending / reading relevant workshops, presentations, etc., in order to be constantly up to date

    »   Proactively undertake periodical reviews of the previous researches and provided / offer suggestions, enhancements, improvements, etc. and/or point out issues, difficulties, challenges, etc.


  • »   Bachelor’s degree in Economics or related fields

    »   Previous experience in IT companies is considered to be a plus

    »   Direct work experience in sales support or business development support is an advantage

    »   Knowledge of e-commerce, CRM, Cloud solutions is an important advantage

    »   Good Knowledge of MS Office suite, especially Excel

    »   Good marketing knowledge (research)

    »   Good knowledge of working with CRM ( preferred) or with other marketing solutions and tools: e.g. DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, Hoovers, etc.

    »   Advanced English knowledge and as a Second language like German or French would be a plus;

    »   Very strict attention to details and analytical skills

    »   Willingness and ability to constantly learn new things

    »   Great communication skills and ability to work in a multicultural team

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