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All e-commerce is local at Urban Decay

Chain Store Age discusses L’Oréal Brand Urban Decay’s FirstSpirit and Demandware integration, allowing the specialty cosmetics retailer to localize content for each of its international retail sites.

Chain Store Age - original article in English

OSF Global Services and Acuity Cloud Solutions Partner for Human Resources Solutions

OSF Global Services’ new partnership with Acuity Cloud Solutions features an exchange of Acuity’s project management and business analysis abilities with OSF’s Human Resources Systems Integration expertise, as part of the OSF Global Commerce Alliance.

REUTERS - original article in English

Acuity Cloud Solutions

As part of their partnership within the OSF Global Commerce Alliance, OSF Global Services and Acuity Cloud Solutions have forged a partnership with a long-term strategy to create new business opportunities and facilitate their mutual expansion into new markets.

Acuity Cloud Solutions - original article in English

OSF Global Services and Scandesign Media A/S Form Strategic E-Commerce Alliance

Scandinavian ecommerce services provider Scandesign Media A/S joined the OSF Global Commerce Alliance to accompany OSF Global Services as they jointly support international retailers along their technology integration path.

REUTERS - original article in English

Retailers meet to learn how to keep customers clicking

The Philadelphia Inquirer visited OSF Global Services at 2015 in Philadelphia and took part in a demonstration of the Magic Mirror device, whose virtual dressing room and social shopping technology is changing the way we look at retail.

PHILLY.COM - original article in English

Mandat de Nissan Brésil pour OSF Global Services

Montréal-based publication Direction Informatique highlighted the benefits of OSF Global Services’ Salesforce implementation for Nissan Brazil, which will simplify their highly complex dealer incentives management process and automatically integrate information to other systems.

DIRECTION INFORMATIQUE - original article in French