“Our members required a simple, web-based application to easily participate in benchmark and adhoc surveys. The TSIA required an application that allowed us to standardize our data collection and analysis processes in order to provide our members with faster speed to insight. OSF Global Services understood our needs and built a user-friendly solution that met our objectives. We also appreciate their expertise and responsiveness to our application support and design requests.” – Greg Burnett, Senior Director of Operations, TSIA

The Client

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the leading professional association of the technology services industry. Its ranks include thousands of services executives, managers, and professionals from around the globe, representing the world’s leading enterprise and consumer technology companies, as well as scores of innovative small and midsize businesses across nine vertical industries.

The Idea

Throughout the year, TSIA regularly conducts surveys among its members in order to expand the understanding of the current technology services landscape. The association needed to optimize the entire process of generating and sending the surveys and, of course, simplify the task for its research team and for the companies that responded to the surveys.

The Solution

Considering the TSIA’s requirements and business processes, OSF Global Services suggested and created an application with 2 different sections:
  • Back End – TSIA’s research team can create surveys with multiple modules, sub-modules, and question types without the need for assistance or intervention from IT support staff. Furthermore, TSIA has the option to send surveys to many different types of respondents including corporate members, online community members, or the general public. 
  • Front End– Survey participants provide their responses through a simple web-based interface that allows them to save partially completed surveys and complete them at a later date, to print survey responses, and to view previously completed surveys. 
The application is easy to use and simplifies the entire process: TSIA’s research team create the surveys and give users specific rights (read-write, read-only) for specific surveys. The application generates links to the survey and sends the links to users. After users have responded to the survey and the cycle is complete, the application generates reports, which significantly eases the analysis process. OSF Global Services also provides ongoing application support and development recommendations to the TSIA with the highest levels of responsiveness and professionalism.


C#,.Net Framework 2.0, MySQL.

The Results

The user-friendly application developed by OSF Global Services organizes and simplifies the surveying process for TSIA and for its member companies.


C#, Microsoft .NET Framework, MySQL

Application Type

Custom & Web Application Development

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For any project, there are key attributes that an IT provider must have – and OSF delivered on all of them. First, you want to be confident they can deliver on their commitments, and OSF was able to do that. Second, in the development process changes can happen at a moment’s notice, and OSF was able to adjust to anything we threw at them. And finally, whether it was a new release or a redesign of the UI, OSF had the expertise to complete the job. What’s great about OSF is that when you choose to develop new applications in the cloud or on different platforms, you don’t have to hire new people with new skills. OSF already has a large talented group of people with the experience in the latest technologies.

Fabrice Talbot / Co-founder and CEO of Agilewords