OSF Academy for Students

department / Web Programming

location / Romania, Ukraine, Brazil

posted / June 12, 2019

Full time

OSF Global Services

For over a decade, OSF Global Services has established itself as a trusted technology consultant and technology integrator enabling companies to succeed over the greatest challenges in the world’s rapidly changing business environment.

What do you need?

  • »  A computer and a good internet connection since the program is delivered remotely;

    »  You should be willing and able to start this journey on 2nd September, 2019, when the program begins;

    »  You need to be open to learn not only theoretical matters and concepts, but also to apply in practice the know-how gained during the program, by developing an e-Commerce site.

What do we offer?

  • »  Training materials, carefully selected information, useful links to help you explore the documentation we prepared for you, either on front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), back-end (Node.js/Mongo .db) or QA Testing depending on your choice;

    »  Support from a dedicated person who will answer your questions and will help you overcome any challenges that may arise along the way;

    »  Duration of the program is 1 month

    »  The schedule is flexible, depending on how much time you can invest.

    »  A paid account on treehouse where you can obtain information in an interactive and fun way;

    »  A job offer in our e-Commerce division - at the end of the program, if you have good results.

What do you have to do?

  • »  Please use the Form from this page to enroll to OSF Academy. Don’t forget to mention at additional comments the main technology track (backend or frontend) that interests you.

About OSF Global

With headquarters in Quebec, Canada, and more than 30 locations across the world, we are a leading global commerce solutions company, with expertise in enterprise CRM, ecommerce, Salesforce Clouds, content management, ERP, cloud solutions and mobile applications. As a multi-cultural international team of over 800 employees, we are constantly driving change and innovation, delivering innovative solutions to enterprises and emerging businesses across B2B and B2C sectors since 2003.

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