As an evolving software company in the innovative mobile space, Motus focuses on keeping workforces in motion. Their solutions enable companies to fairly reimburse the expenses incurred by mobile employees for the business use of personally-owned vehicles while accurately charging them for the personal use of business-owned vehicles. All the activities are performed through monthly reports generated based on drivers’ logs and mileage tracking tools. Enjoying a 98% client retention rate and double-digit growth every year since 2004, the leading mobile workforce management company has been administrating more than 2 billion miles and processing a half-billion dollars in annual reimbursements. One of the main assets through which Motus differentiates itself from its competitors is the flexibility of its platform, designed to provide tax-free vehicle reimbursement solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of a broad spectrum of clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100, 200 and 500 companies. In order to keep up with the challenges related to usability and responsiveness, Motus approached OSF Global Services following a recommendation received from a former partner. From a technical standpoint, their requirements involved porting the legacy platform to an application that would be modular and user-oriented while designing and building the new Java services associated with it. According to Scott Rankin, VP of Technology at Motus, the collaboration started off on the right foot: “We interviewed the OSF developers and we could say, right from the very beginning that they were coming with a really high-level technical expertise, equal to what we had in our internal team. And in some cases even higher.” Todd Gebski, VP of Marketing at Motus, underlined how crucial the access to a usable and portable platform is to generating more business benefits for their clients: “There are several ways in which we deliver value to our clients. The first is related to costs—we save employers an average of 3,000 dollars per mobile employee per year. Second, we mitigate risk, drive compliance and help safeguard our clients and their drivers in the event of an audit.” said Gebski. “The third benefit is related to optimization and efficiency. We streamline multiple administrative tasks and functions that mobile employees are expected to perform in the field and integrate them into one, easy-to-use mobile platform.” The communication with the OSF development team is performed in the framework of the Agile methodology in order to ensure continuous delivery and integration. After the daily Scrum meeting, the OSF team and the Motus team keep in touch throughout the day both via Skype and through code collaboration and messaging tools in order to perform constant code reviews. Scott Rankin declares that this collaborative work goes beyond the technical aspects of the project: “We’ve been very impressed with the caliber of the OSF engineers. In addition to being very technical, they are really strong team members.” admitted Rankin. “I have seen them on multiple occasions take ownership of situations instead of just waiting for instructions. They’d actually come up with ideas, list out challenges and push back if anything was being done wrong. And that is something that I really appreciate in a partner.” As Motus is currently expanding, the technology platform grows to support the evolving database of customer business needs. Besides providing vehicle reimbursement and personal use solutions, the company is solving complementary administrative issues. These are mainly related to CRM integration and adoption, and general expense automation through the implementation of a time-effective mobile application meant to allow mobile employees to focus on building successful professional relationships. For Scott Rankin, the plans Motus has for the future assuredly involve OSF Global Services: “We are looking right now at the plan for the next two years of enhancing our platform and, as we start to scale on that objective, we will look to OSF to complete our development resources. We have been really happy, so I see us continuing to accelerate our development work together.”



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For any project, there are key attributes that an IT provider must have – and OSF delivered on all of them. First, you want to be confident they can deliver on their commitments, and OSF was able to do that. Second, in the development process changes can happen at a moment’s notice, and OSF was able to adjust to anything we threw at them. And finally, whether it was a new release or a redesign of the UI, OSF had the expertise to complete the job. What’s great about OSF is that when you choose to develop new applications in the cloud or on different platforms, you don’t have to hire new people with new skills. OSF already has a large talented group of people with the experience in the latest technologies.

Fabrice Talbot / Co-founder and CEO of Agilewords