Program Manager

department / Development

location / India

posted / January 04, 2019

Full time

OSF Global Services

The Program Manager is responsible for managing one or more IT projects, from the study phase to the guarantee, within the framework of the objectives set and ensuring compliance with cost, deadline and quality requirements. He supervises the Project Managers and anticipates project impacts. Both facilitator and influencer, he supports his clients in their decision-making. It plays both a strategic and operational role in the smooth running of the programs.


  • »   Understand, collect, analyze and challenge project needs

    »   Ensure the budgetary management of one or more projects

    »   Arbitrate resource allocations between different projects

    »   Industrialize processes according to the company's strategy

    »   Initiate, contribute and drive Change Management Projects inside the organization

    »   Oversee integration of the new PM’s and key members in the team

    »   Deploy the quality approach on projects (training, procedures, etc.)

    »   Manage the activity of the project(s) (planning, reporting, etc.)

    »   Guarantee the quality of deliverables (ensure customer satisfaction; respect of commitments, etc.)

    »   Advise and assist project managers

    »   Supervise the design and implementation of projects

    »   Negotiate and draft contractual documents

    »   Participate in the commercial action (presales)

    »   Participate in the creation and development of service offers and their promotion

    »   Participate in the Company's recruitment process


  • »   Good knowledge of the IT world (know how to discuss IT topics in relation to all project stakeholders: CIOs; Architects; Business Analysts, etc.)

    »   Customer facing

    »   Strong data-oriented reports and decisions (MS Excel, BI tools)

    »   Risk Management

    »   Rigour and organizationt

    »   Engagement in collaborative alliances (interpersonal skills)

    »   Belief and influence

    »   Craft the program (requirements, business case and analysis)

    »   Benefits Management: orchestrate the attainment of benefits

    »   Adaptability and flexibility

    »   Performance Management

    »   Leadership (Provide Program leadership (situational, core values, strategic)

    »   Facilitate stakeholder engagement

    »   Fluency in written and oral English

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