Project Manager

department / eCommerce

location / Hong Kong, Singapore

posted / July 03, 2019

Full time

OSF Global Services


  • »   Understand, collect, analyze and challenge project needs

    »   Ensure the budgetary management of one or more projects

    »   Arbitrate resource allocations between different projects

    »   Industrialize processes according to the company's strategy

    »   Initiate, contribute and drive Change Management Projects inside the organization

    »   Oversee integration of the new PM’s and key members in the team

    »   Deploy the quality approach on projects (training, procedures, etc.)

    »   Manage the activity of the project(s) (planning, reporting, etc.)

    »   Guarantee the quality of deliverables (ensure customer satisfaction; respect of commitments, etc.)

    »   Advise and assist project managers

    »   Supervise the design and implementation of projects

    »   Negotiate and draft contractual documents

    »   Participate in the commercial action (presales)

    »   Participate in the creation and development of service offers and their promotion

    »   Participate in the Company's recruitment process


  • »   Good knowledge of the IT world (know how to discuss IT topics in relation to all project stakeholders: CIOs; Architects; Business Analysts, etc.)

    »   Customer facing

    »   Strong data-oriented reports and decisions (MS Excel, BI tools)

    »   Risk Management

    »   Rigour and organization

    »   Engagement in collaborative alliances (interpersonal skills)

    »   Belief and influence

    »   Craft the program (requirements, business case and analysis)

    »   Benefits Management: orchestrate the attainment of benefits

    »   Adaptability and flexibility

    »   Performance Management

    »   Leadership (Provide Program leadership (situational, core values, strategic))

    »   Facilitate stakeholder engagement

    »   Fluency in written and oral English

About OSF Global

With headquarters in Quebec, Canada, and more than 30 locations across the world, we are a leading global commerce solutions company, with expertise in enterprise CRM, ecommerce, Salesforce Clouds, content management, ERP, cloud solutions and mobile applications. As a multi-cultural international team of over 800 employees, we are constantly driving change and innovation, delivering innovative solutions to enterprises and emerging businesses across B2B and B2C sectors since 2003.