Out-of-the-box software solutions provide smaller companies with affordable technologies to drive their businesses – but as a company grows, they require additional functionality to address their changing needs. As a fast-growing business, WebInterpret teamed-up with OSF to customize and integrate their CRM solution to streamline processes and increase their ROI, enabling their company to grow to the next level. Founded in 2007, WebInterpret enables online merchants to quickly and easily expand into global markets. Currently serving over 5,000 merchants around the world, WebInterpret leverages strategic partnerships with eBay® and Amazon® to automatically list products on international marketplaces with the appropriate modifications, including content translations, currency conversions, shipping information and international stock management.

Outgrowing their functionality

WebInterpret uses Salesforce to manage their customers and lead generation activities, but as the number of customers started to increase dramatically WebInterpret discovered that they weren’t seeing the maximum results of their investment in the leading cloud-based CRM solution. It was determined that in order to continue on their growth plan they needed to streamline many of the sales and marketing processes that were time-consuming and tedious – mainly increasing the speed of recruiting new customers. After coming across OSF’s profile on a popular professional networking website, WebInterpret made the decision to use OSF as a Salesforce partner.

Building a customized solution

Starting with detailed discussions about the requirements and scope of the project, OSF and WebInterpret got right to work determining the specific integrations and automatic triggers that would be implemented as part of their CRM solution. Using an agile development process, OSF started automating specific processes within Salesforce so users spend less time performing manual tasks and are able to nurture and convert leads faster and easier. Integrations with Marketo and Zendesk streamline the marketing efforts and customer support processes to drive efficiency and superior customer service.

Realizing long-term benefits

Equipped with a scalable and powerful integrated CRM solution, WebInterpret has set its sights on exceeding their growth plan. “OSF helped us implement a solution that allows us to focus on converting contacts into customers,” stated Benjamin Cohen, Founder and COO of WebInterpret. “Their expertise enabled us boost the ROI of our Salesforce investment while streamlining important processes. We can now focus more on growing our business knowing that Salesforce is working hard behind the scenes.” WebInterpret now has the technology to support a larger customer base, allowing them to go after smaller customers – a feat that was previously too tedious and costly to achieve.


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Customer Relationship Management

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We have been working with OSF to integrate a relational database into our SalesForce portal. From our very first meeting with them, we knew they were the team for us because they were able to immediately recognize our vision. Anna and Delia are extremely dependable, very detailed, and patient. We plan to continue to work with them on future projects!

Teal Brown / Program Manager, Everblue