We focus on respect, flexibility & commitment

OSF Global Services has achieved years of great success adopting SMART objectives and creating a clear vision of our future

Life as an OSF employee is both exciting and rewarding. Our dynamic and fast-growing team is always looking to the future for new challenges and learning opportunities to develop our professional skills and create lasting relationships among the people we work with.

Employees are always encouraged to communicate openly whenever they have a new idea and wish to see it implemented. We believe that this encourages constant improvement and helps our business and employees continue to grow. We have become a very close family - our colleagues are always there for each other, whether going through difficulties or celebrating achievements.

Our recruiting principles focus on honesty and mutual respect. Our short and efficient recruiting process adheres to the following steps:

We consistently welcome new members to our team.

Out of all employees


have Microsoft certifications


have at least one certification


are technical persons

Learning Program

At OSF, we strongly believe that people learn something new every day and encourage our team to develop new skills and grow their professional abilities on an ongoing basis. This is why we have developed several training programs aimed to help everyone who wants to improve and fulfill their potential.

What are the steps?

All you have to do is send an email to let us know what you are curious to learn about. We will recommend to you the best book titles, tutorials and articles in HTML/CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP and more. Register for our learning programs by writing an email to: learn@osf-global.com. You will receive credentials to access the dedicated learning page where you will find:

  • »  Specifications for a technical project that you will develop
  • »  The needed documentation you must read in order to finish the project successfully

While working on the project – writing real code and submitting it for review- you will enjoy the best educational sources in your field plus a constructive feedback. By finishing the project with a positive review you can make the most of your experience and get the chance to apply to a real job.

Start your learning program today!

*It is our priority to keep candidates informed throughout the entire recruitment process and answer any questions they have along the way.


Are you willing to dedicate one month to studying with a tutor, OSF created the perfect solution**. Are you eager to improve your knowledge without feeling the pressure of becoming productive right after being hired? Take a look at our periodical internships and find the perfect solution of having a job.

How to make the most out of it?

You need to send an English version of your resume to: hr@osf-global.com Mention that you are applying for our internship and include the technology you are interested in. Based on our open positions for that specific technology, you will:

  • »  Pass a technical test
  • »  Pass an HR interview

The best 10 candidates will be hired for 1 month and included in a project where a dedicated coach will assist them step by step throughout their learning process.

At the end of the program you will receive a detailed feedback on your performance, which can help you land a job offer within OSF Global Services.

Join our internship today!

**We welcome students and fresh graduates from Romania and Ukraine who are looking for a job and would like to improve their knowledge through our Internship Program.

Employees Testimonials

Part of what keeps us on the right track is the constant feedback we receive from our colleagues. We conduct periodic one-on-one meetings with every employee, the goal being to identify what and how we can improve their working experience with us. In these meetings, our COO and our HR Director come with open minds looking to address any sort of grievances that our employees might have. Below are testimonials from some of our employees who have expressed their feelings about working at OSF:

Simion Petrov

"What do I love about OSF? Fact that I was able to evolve very quickly compared to companies with strict rules about promoting people (based on the level of experience, years spent with the company, etc.). Besides this, I like the quality of the people with whom I’ve worked over the years. Everyone was fair, nobody took the work of others and bragged about it, and management is always trying to promote the hard working people who can and want to do more."

Simion Petrov
/ E-commerce Operations Director

Anna Petriv

"I am a person of passion, perfection and challenges. I put my soul in my work, I do my best to deliver perfection and I am always open to new challenges. I found all these in OSF. I was supported in opening the CRM division, praised for good results and pushed to take over new challenges. And here I am now in my dream environment, leading the division, watching it growing step by step and having new things to learn every day from clients, colleagues, managers, life."

Anna Petriv
/ Vice President, MultiCloud & Salesforce Alliance

Valentyna Mylinchuk

"When I joined OSF I was looking for a working environment where my organization, attention to details and leadership skills would thrive. I have found in OSF more than what I was looking for: I have found managers who became my friends, I have found the environment where I have developed as a person and as a professional and I am sure this process will continue as long as I am a part of this team; a part of the company where challenges seem to be popping up all of the time."

Valentyna Mylinchuk
/ Country Manager Ukraine